Personnel Employment Asst I

Job Description:
This position performs a variety of tasks including, but not limited to, clerical and secretarial duties.
The work is under general supervision of higher-level personnel in preparation of various human resource tasks throughout compensation, benefits, staffing/employment, EEO procedures and policy administration.
The Personnel Assistant I is expected to exercise discretion at all times; limited judgment may be necessary at times.
This assistant may be required to operate general office equipment such as:
typewriter, personal computer, copier, adding-machine, and facsimile.
Will provide Part Time On-Call contractor Identification Card Administration to Government clients as a DEERS/RAPIDS Site Security Manager (SSM) at the base or site level.
The work is under general supervision of higher-level personnel in preparation of various human resource tasks throughout compensation, benefits, staffing/employment, EEO procedures and policy administration.
Expected to exercise discretion at all times; limited judgment may be necessary at times.
Will perform a variety of tasks including clerical and secretarial duties.
Must be available to provide services Monday-Friday, 0720-1600.
The selected candidate will work for three consecutive weeks at 40 hours each week for training and then will be placed in an on-call status.
Position has the potential and may lead to a permanent position.
Duties include but are not limited to:
-The SSM acts as the site POC for RAPIDS-related matters-Responsible for managing the security of RAPIDS workstations that are under his/her purview.
-Act as the primary site POC for RAPIDS-related matters.
-Maintain the Site Roster of RAPIDS users.
Add and assign roles for the various categories of RAPIDS users.
-Request a new DEERS logon ID for a new user, delete a DEERS logon ID, and up-date the security privileges on a previously issued DEERS logon ID.
-Deactivate and report security violators.
Report SSM changes immediately to DEERS Security.
-Maintain the Site Information (i.
site name, site location address, site phone numbers, and site mailing address).
-View or update the RAPIDS configuration utilities when needed.
-Be accountable for all CAC-related stock items, including CAC cardstock, non-ICC cardstock, and printer consumables.
-To preserve accountability for CAC cardstock, the SSM must follow the prescribed Issuance Logistic Portal acceptance procedures, including signing for stock, verifying card numbers in the carton, and accepting/rejecting each carton of a CAC shipment before the CAC UP can issue CACs from that carton.
-Register, process, and maintain the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) and the Real-Time Automated Identification System (RAPIDS) as part of a Verifying Official's responsibilities.
-Perform all ID Card and CAC issuance related tasks to include researching and reviewing source documents, verifying eligibility, and discussing entitlements as defined in AFI 36-3026_IP and the RAPIDS Training Guide.
-Issue memorandums of authorization for use of Commissary and Post Exchange to eligible customers.
-Perform routine operator maintenance on RAPIDS workstations and printers, i.
change lamination, add toner, clean printers, etc.
-Ensure maximum protection against compromise and theft of sensitive information and prevent the misuse or misappropriation of RAPIDS.
-Ensure that all assigned RAPIDS workstations are operated, maintained, and secured according to security procedures.
Maintain a file copy of the generic or type accreditation statement, and prepare unit-specific recommendations, through the appropriate chain of command, for input into the accreditation document, as required.
-Implement training and awareness for RAPIDS security, and incorporate this training into the overall unit security and RAPIDS training programs.
-Ensure that unit's contingency plans incorporate RAPIDS requirements.
-Review the system audit trail.
Investigate thoroughly any security violations, in coordination with the Security Manager.
Ensure the RAPIDS audit trails are reviewed at least weekly and that audit files are maintained for thirty days.
-Immediately report any information system security incidents discovered regarding RAPIDS in accordance with Appendix K - Incident Response Plan.
-Report incidents to the Identification Card Administration Project Management Office.
-Immediately report any attempt to gain unauthorized access to Sensitive defense information, any system failure, or any suspected defect that could lead to unauthorized disclosure.
Required Skills and
Work is generally performed in a normal office environment where there is minimal exposure to unpleasant and/or hazardous working conditions.
Job assignments may require working at client site where working conditions may vary.
Travel may be required.
To meet contract requirements, must be a US Citizen and possess excellent customer service skills.
-Speak, read, and comprehend English to the extent that you can read and understand printed regulations, detailed written orders, operating procedures, training instructions and materials.
-Have legible writing to document transactions, in addition to general mathematical skills.
-Undergo a pre-employment criminal background check, and a subsequent security investigation that is favorably adjudicated prior to operating or having access to DEERS/RAPIDS equipment.
-Have strong oral communication skills, be a team player, dependable and possess a professional attitude and demeanor.
-Previous ID card facility experience and knowledge of the military desired.
-A recent valid security clearance and personnel service support experience a plus.
-Time management skills, ability to interact with all personalities within a military environment, and demonstrated problem solving skills.
Employment Type:
Full timeCareer Level:
Entry Level

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